Defibrillators Smart Management Solutions

A solution that fits every situation

DEFIBSTATION™ provides, floor or wall mounted, smart kiosks depending on your needs.

In both cases, Automated Defibrilators (AED) are mapped and monitored 24/7 thanks to smart sensors.

Integrated flat screen display advertising and first aid instructions when kiosk door is opened.

DEFIBSTATION™ smart kiosks represent the best solution to install AEDs everywhere and monitor them 24/7 while controlling operating costs.

A solution that fits any AED

DEFIBSTATION™ smart kiosks represent a major improvement in Public Access Defibrillation.

They are compatible with all defibrillators brands and models.

DEFIBSTATION™  guarantees the proper functioning of your AEDs 24/7. You are notified when the kiosk door is opened or at the slightest malfunction.

The kosks are monitored 24/7 thanks to  the AEDMAP solution.

AED Smart Kiosk

Defibrillators available anywhere

With DEFIBSTATION™ solutions, AEDs can be installed wherever needed.

Kiosks are mapped, thus  in case of emergency nearby defibrillators can be easily located using Staying Alive smart App.


Thanks to DEFIBSTATION™ Smart Solutions, Defibrillators are mapped, monitored and available 24/7.

Staying Alive smart App